Free, Secure HIPAA Compliant

the medical
most secure 
texting app.

Free, Secure HIPAA Compliant
Texting Application




Created by Medical Professionals,
for Medical Professionals.

Instant Communications — Highest Level of Security

hippomsg - Free Secure HIPPA Texting



We’ll Focus on HIPAA.
You Can Focus on Your Patients.

Join the hippomsg community of doctors,
nurses and almost thirty different types of
healthcare professionals and support types.

HIPPOmsg - Free Secure HIPPA

New version 2.0 available now!

Improved speed and connectivity, new user interface
and the ability to send photos and attachments.






HIPPOmsg - Free Secure HIPPA Texting


Meet the medical community’s most secure HIPAA-compliant messaging platform. Now, delivering a seamless, instant communications system to your practice is as easy as pulling out your smartphone. With the help of investors, we’re adding new features and expanding the hippomsg community every day. Join us. It’s free—and yet priceless.

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HIPPOmsg - Free Secure HIPPA Texting

hippomsg allows subscribers to communicate protected health information instantly on smartphones, PCs or tablets. Available as a webpage or as a mobile app, hippomsg was developed by doctors to speed communications and get healthcare professionals back to patient care.

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Free Secure HIPAA Compliant Texting Application for Medical Professionals

Designed with Top HIPAA Experts

hippomsg was built to transform healthcare communications and make transmitting protected health information as swift as regulations allow. Data will never be sold or shared. Routine security assessments are performed to identify vulnerabilities before intruders do. Our ultimate goal: quality patient care.

LEARN MORE about HIPAA and how hippomsg secures and protects.

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Free Secure HIPAA Compliant Texting Application for Medical Professionals
Unique Network
For Any Registered Healthcare Provider

hippomsg is a secure messaging network that provides quick access to the providers you need, right when you need them. Our diverse community of professionals includes
the EMT on the accident scene, the neurosurgeon in the operating room and the physical therapist who helps with rehabilitation. This is easy-to-use service eliminates the need to search online or through fragmented medical record databases to reach colleagues. And it ends the frustration caused by all those traded voicemail messages. Next time you’re searching for the direct dial to another professional, launch hippomsg instead.

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Try hippomsg on your iPhone,
Android, iPad, PC or Mac today.

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People Love Us. And So Will You.

“I was surprised that physicians shouldn’t text or email PHI. hippomsg is the easiest alternative. It’s so quick and simple.”

—Plastic surgeon, New York

“hippomsg is easy and efficient. It makes communication with the healthcare team instant and effortless.”

—ICU hospitalist, Virginia

“Using hippomsg is so much better than wasting time dealing with the hospital operator and paging system.”

—Registered nurse, Massachusetts

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