4 Decision Support Apps To Assist The Medical Professional

Medical AppThe medical field is ever shifting and growing. Medical professionals, just like anyone else, are relying on their smartphone more and more for quick and easy reference related to their career fields. Some of the most essential medical apps are those that help doctors, nurses and other workers in the medical and healthcare field to make better decisions even in the most critical times. They are discussed in detail below.


UTDUpToDate is an essential app that is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices. It is considered the leading app for the best clinical decision making support and is meant to help doctors, nurses and others healthcare professionals to make the best possible decisions when caring for their patients. It includes all the best up to date technology and practices in the medical field. Download the app here.

Additional Features:

  • Anticipates changes in clinical practice
  • Includes over 1,500 articles clinicians can review with their patients
  • Search through over 10,000 charts, pictures, and movies
  • Check drug-to-drug and drug-to-herb interactions
  • Submit questions to editors for feedback
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Prognosis: Your Diagnosis

prognosPrognosis: Your Diagnosis is an award winning free app. With it, medical professionals can get quick and easy access to information about clinical case studies and make better decisions toward even the most complex cases. It is designed with a fun interactive cartoon and can even be used to prepare for the MCAT, CCR and other exams for professional medical licenses. Download the app here.

You Can Also:

  • Understand case studies in 2-3 minutes
  • Take the app anywhere on the go
  • Receive weekly updates
  • Look through different diagnosis and treatment scenarios
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The Cochrane Library

seo_cw_productThe Cochrane Library app is available for iPad and presents all of the latest evidence from the Cochrane Library in a manner that is easy to navigate. It is a collection of medical articles that discuss a number of medical cases that allow professionals in the medical field to make better decisions. The app offers the ability to read editorials, watch videos, listen to podcasts and access content even while offline for quick and easy reference. Download the app here.

In Addition:

  • Cochrane Reviews provide independent, high-quality evidence for health care decision making
  • Monthly issues are free and feature a selection of Cochrane Reviews chosen by the Editor-in-Chief
  • Users receive access to a wide range of topics each month
  • Reviews are specifically abridged for an optimized iPad reading experience
  • Where available, reviews are enriched with accompanying multimedia content like podcasts
  • Automatically download new issues to your Newsstand
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isaIsabel is a free app that is made available to medical professionals by Isabel Healthcare. It is useful in enabling doctors and nurses to get the right diagnosis much quicker. It includes a database of more than 6,000 diseases that can be searched for through many different symptoms. To use Isabel, the medical professional must already have access to the service’s online system. All of the information found within appears in a number of peer reviewed medical journals. It can be downloaded here.

Features Include:

  • Search either signs or symptoms
  • Highlights important diseases
  • Ability to refine results by travel history
  • Ability to refine results by age and gender
Isabel on the App Store on iTunes Isabel on the

With these apps, medical professionals will find their work to be much more structured and less stressful. As technology evolves, the apps are expected to become even easier to use and better informed in the future.